Constructed Paintings

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Katha Seidman’s constructions begin with space: landscape space; architectural space; spaces to walk into or pass through. In her constructed paintings she uses plaster to articulate the substructure of painted seascapes, draped curtains or city walls. Then, she might cut holes or use zippers to expose regions beyond the surface. Or she might encase the whole image in a wire grid, a cage that tries to trap the fleeting moment.  Each layer reveals another space to explore.

Seidman often places found objects in front of the painted surface, juxtaposing the real with the imaginary.  She chooses objects because they evoke memories. A stone pockmarked with ridges echoes waves sweeping the sand at low tide.  Watch gears evoke stars glittering the night sky. A smooth glass globe caresses the palms of her hands, and she remembers cool, rounded beach stones under her feet. As a component of Seidman’s unfolding space, each object combines with an opening to deepen the narrative contained within the piece.